april and wayne - house of the rising sun.

a folk song by any definition, delivered with husky vocal passion and a spaced out acoustic guitar, recorded with that great democratizer of musical production, garageband. i met these people in an eddy in the twisted murky river of our american lives that was 2,200 miles wide and we walked and sang together on many campfire nites. this song has an interesting history as far as the ever changing gender of its protagonist. while most singers tailor the song to thier own gender, (a purist might argue that only the female-eyed song is correct, but there is no room for this kind of thinking when you are studying the modern folk music of america) april has chosen to sing it from the male point of view. wayne's guitar speaks under some variety of digital effect that compliments his fingerstyle. recorded at april's place in denver, she tells me that they "couldn't figure out how to work garageband very well, because we are both pretty technologically incompetent, but we had a lot of fun!"  another link in the chain, another fold in the blanket, the modern folk music of america.


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