thus came...creatures of the deep

atmospheric, lo-fi metal from the gently rolling hills of virginia. most of the members hail from clover hill, west rockingham county. i recorded this in a suburban basement, belmont housing developement, harrisonburg, VA, with my recording rig stacked on top of home gym equipment, a good bit of beer a couple of numbers and not many takes. thus came played shows in and around harrisonburg, va, for a year or two, before breaking up amid the pace and struggle of american lives. there were many line-up changes and their practices took place in several different basements and garages. i was a member at one point, until we realized that me and my roland electric piano have nothing to add to a metal band, but i remain a friend. as far as i know this demo has only been passed around to a handful of friends, so i am very pleased to present it. \m/

thus came on myspace


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