snakehorn - 3 drunken nights

another adaptation of an old irish folk song for this post, beaten into hawks-ish homespun drawl in an apartment somewhere along the "muddy banks of the wabash". it is a song about a man whose boozy suspicions of his wife may or may not be justified, it varies by version, but whose status as a drunken fool is without question. snakehorn has chosen the happier story that the man's horns are only drunken delusions, but one never does know. according to snakehorn, this song was based on an even older song, "our goodman". our goodman. the old town drunk. al bundy. homer simpson. our presidents. the modern folk music of america. listen to these lyrics, they are humorous, even though the song has a disitintctly dirge like quality. but then laughter and sorrow are the same thing. no sadness is also some sadness.

wrangle snakehorn at their website.

abe po' ugly - trail of tears

here is a song, made in the late night basement, by my brother aaron, with some guitar provided by his yelwar bandmate eric. we have shared a townhouse on and off for years with a basement we have slowly turned into a sometime recording studio, where we each spent many hours, and it has been the soil from which many of our recordings have grown, and the site of many band practices. in this song, abe po ugly re-writes folk legends, robin hood and geronimo. the guitars have a jagged swing, the vocals are gruff and dark. the song ends with mutterings, a home recording made with garageband and inspiration, desire, and probably boredom. the modern folk music of america. check out YELWAR on facebook.


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