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the modern folk music of america usually posts tracks for you to listen to right here, but my efforts at field recording failed, so i am going to resort to links, but i felt i had to write about two excellent metal bands i saw this january at gone studios in staunton virginia. gone studios is an art gallery in a rented warehouse space in downtown staunton and over the past month has cemented itself in my mind as one of my favorite places to see and perform music (I also had the pleasure of playing there twice in january). heated by a double barrelled wood stove, decorated by old furniture and a motley and beautiful collection of local art and old furniture, gone always seems to be inhabited by a supremely receptive and appreciative audience, people without pretensions who hunger for beer and the modern folk music of america. rarely at a 'diy' show have i seen more folks approach the musicians afterwards with genuine words of thanks and encouragement, regardless of the genre, talent level, fashion sense or perceived social cache of the is truly excellent.  gone is run by two wonderful dudes named john and angus, and to quote a great movie, "proud we are of all of them..." i encourage everyone in staunton and harrisonburg to attend every event they can at gone, and donate heavily. its fun and its free(donations greatly appreciated). trust me, this is the kind of space that you want to have around, that i think our culture probably needs to have around in some way. gone is the kind of soil from which the modern folk music of america so much loves to grow.

the bands i intend to expose here are the smell of death and earthling, two head crushing metal bands with incredible musicianship and taste. both have a vibe that harkens back to the best of what classic metal has to offer while at the same time sounding fresh. i could go on and on describing them, but i think i will let their music do the talking. check out these links, get out and see them as soon as you can, metal is best appreciated in a live setting, and they are growing right in your backyard. like weed. the modern folk music of america.

the smell of death (you can actually purchase the album digitally here)-
the smell of death


gone studios-

so there are the links. sorry i couldn't provide field recordings...i am working to improve these methods.

the james badfellows - evil powers

the modern folk music of america presents the james badfellows. james wrote this song in his head at work and got us together to play it at neil's house a couple nights ago. even though we had been recording for the past week, i neglected to bring any recording equipment. james sang the song for us, we figured out the chords, and we started to play the song. i set my phone on the coffee table and recorded it on the phone's voice record function. the sound quality is terrible, but the song quality comes through. a dark, classic sounding pop tune, recorded at what may very well have been the only opportunity. i hope you enjoy our attempt to wrecking crew james' ronettes. the modern folk music of america.

zach barbery - its hard to leave you sweet love

songs can teach us things. the lou reed song femme fatale taught me the diminished 7th chord. zach tells me he was using this song, an old folk tune, in a version by louis mcdaniels and gid smith, to "learn vocal harmonies better". a good use for it, and the by-product is the modern folk music of america. zach is involved, with the not-so-mysterious sean namei, in country creatures, who have appeared on this blog before, and it is always good to hear from either of these guys. zach ended his email with this piece of advice.

"Morning is the time to pity the sober. The way they're feeling then is the best they're going to feel all day."

dj finks - phix - get out of here

the modern folk music of america presents a track from an unreleased 2003 album by DJ finks, who was "going by the name phix at the time". our first sample of the electronic folk music of america. DJ finks does more than maybe anyone i know to give the modern folk music of america a home. he does this through his tireless efforts as entertainment director at a basement bar called the blue nile in harrisonburg, va, where he oversees shows most nights of the week for independent local and touring bands from all over the country and in some cases beyond. it is a great place to play music and to attend to music, it is eclectic, inexpensive, and fun, and this is because of his work. he also has been a producer and performer of electronic music for years, and i am happy to feature some of his music today. thanks finks, for the home you have made in harrisonburg for the modern folk music of america.

download some more

moss brothers - buddy record

abe and i recorded these five songs, with kaitlin's help, for our parents as a christmas present. the modern folk music of america presents it as a belated christmas present to you. these are cover songs, so we must give credit where credit is due. here is the track list.

1- coconut (h. nilsson)
2- 13 (chilton/bell)
3- don't forget me (h. nilsson)
4- house of the rising sun (traditional)
5- 32-20 (r. johnson)

we love these songs, and these composers.

download the whole thing.

brent emanuel - 22 bad love songs

the modern folk music of america is happy to present an entire album by charlottesville's brent emanuel, a fellow traveler in the struggle to wrest music from the cracks in our daily lives. the songs range from ragged yelps and experiments to relatively slick country jams, featuring a range of un-named musicians. some of the songs are recorded in live settings, with the slip and shuffle of a bar or space or house during a show, some seem to be at the height of home recording quality. the lyrics don't fail to be funny and heartbreaking, usually at the same time, and it is because they are without guile or contrivance. the cd copy of this collection that brent gave me has blood smeared on the back cover. the modern folk music of america. I couldn't choose a song so here is a zip file of the whole album. enjoy.

22 bad love songs


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