brent emanuel - 22 bad love songs

the modern folk music of america is happy to present an entire album by charlottesville's brent emanuel, a fellow traveler in the struggle to wrest music from the cracks in our daily lives. the songs range from ragged yelps and experiments to relatively slick country jams, featuring a range of un-named musicians. some of the songs are recorded in live settings, with the slip and shuffle of a bar or space or house during a show, some seem to be at the height of home recording quality. the lyrics don't fail to be funny and heartbreaking, usually at the same time, and it is because they are without guile or contrivance. the cd copy of this collection that brent gave me has blood smeared on the back cover. the modern folk music of america. I couldn't choose a song so here is a zip file of the whole album. enjoy.

22 bad love songs


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