dj finks - phix - get out of here

the modern folk music of america presents a track from an unreleased 2003 album by DJ finks, who was "going by the name phix at the time". our first sample of the electronic folk music of america. DJ finks does more than maybe anyone i know to give the modern folk music of america a home. he does this through his tireless efforts as entertainment director at a basement bar called the blue nile in harrisonburg, va, where he oversees shows most nights of the week for independent local and touring bands from all over the country and in some cases beyond. it is a great place to play music and to attend to music, it is eclectic, inexpensive, and fun, and this is because of his work. he also has been a producer and performer of electronic music for years, and i am happy to feature some of his music today. thanks finks, for the home you have made in harrisonburg for the modern folk music of america.

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