i found myself alone in a condo next to a golf course in moses lake, washington, for five days, with nothing to do. i had my recording equipment, so i recorded these two songs.  i see them as an internet 45... two sides of a record, blackie/rubie.

the only unfortunate thing was that this process didn't kill more than 1.5 to 2 of the days. but a friend had mailed me a biography of william blake, and there's a TV, so, i think i will be ok. so, enjoy blackie/rubie, an internet 45. new drums recorded november, 2011.

trade - dirl

from tom's brook, va comes trade, a heavy rock band reminding us of the best things about the late eighties and early nineties. stripped down rock that moves from spaced out drone to tight grunge harmonies and back again. also, i really love the name of this song. there were some great photos of the equipment they used to record this on thier FB page, which i also wanted to share.

its always interesting to see the tools that build the modern folk music of america. 'dirl' is the lead track on an ep trade is relaesing in 2011, so look for that, and hopefully look for them playing shows in the shenandoah valley area in the near future. here is the track, and check out their big cartel site  for any future updates.


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