bryan whitten - we look away

this one comes second hand from country creature's sean namei...this is bryan's first home recording, but he sounds like an old pro. he sent it to sean, and sean sent it to me to post as a surprise for him...i hope he finds it as pleasant of a surprise as i found the song itself to be. an introspective, dynamic, songwriterly gem from another harrisonburg, va native. this one rewards repeated listenings, there is alot going on here both musically and lyrically. there are pleasing layerings of acoustic and electric guitars, and tight vocal harmonies throughout...can we ever get enough of a person alone singing with themselves, with the help of just a little bit of inexpensive technology? the modern folk music of america. bryan, i know i am posting this without your knowledge, let me know if you want me to take it down, but it should be out there. great work. there ain't nothing you're doing wrong here.


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