calamity kat - spring's a hobo

from fairbanks, AK, by way of minneappolis, MN comes this sparse folky tune by calamity kat, an independant travelling theatre actress, singer and musician. this track was recorded live by harrisonburg, VA's own bryan whitten, whose excellent song 'we look away' was featured earlier this month by the modern folk music of america. the recording quality isn't great but trust me this sucker is worth your time...kat's voice is as beautiful as her banjo picking is disarming and sweet. this is a recording of an event: far flung travelers converge in a living room and play and record the modern folk music of america. and i lay it before you. spring's a hobo and he's pulling into town on that long, circular iron rail, bindle on his shoulder, dancing that old soft shoe, and he's gonna sit on your porch, ask you for a buck fifty so he can buy a quart of beer, and tell you a long, long story.


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