mickey arefaine - noted rider

i wanted to post this somewhat made up version of a leadbelly song that mickey and i recorded in early 2009 today in honor of the third annual harrisonburg rock lotto, taking place at the blue nile in harrisonburg, va, on march 18th and 19th of this year (so, in a little less than two weeks...mark your calendar if you live in the valley). this recording came about because mickey and i were playing together in the 2009 rock lotto, which was the first occurence of a re-creation of an idea that had lived before at some point in the late 90's  (check this out for the full story). rock lotto is a process by which musicians form bands with strangers, are given two months to write songs and to practice, and then get the chance to play a show. all proceeds go towards local education. rock lotto is a classic way to produce the modern folk music of america. it couldn't be better. i had a really great time playing in it, i have to mention my other bandmates ben and bladen, it was a good combination (i have some recordings of that show...maybe i could post those here). cheers to everyone who plays in the rock lotto and everyone who works hard to put it on.

mickey and i recorded this song in a couple takes one day after we had had practice with our rock lotto band. i thought she did a really good job on the vocals. its another case of gender bending, lyrically. as far as i know this is one of few recordings she's ever done, and i hadn't had a way to get it out there before.


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