yr glow

here is a song i wrote and recorded this weekend, my first successful portland recording aside from those as a part of sean namei's country creatures. i don't have alot to say about it, the idea for this page was for me to write about other people's home recordings, but ya'll have been slackers, for the most part. this is a picture of my recording desk.

thanks to matt and sarah, and sean and zack, for letting me move in to this sweet place to live in beautiful portland, oregon. once again, check out some other stuff at country creatures. here is 'yr glow'

appomattox - the j.e.b. stuart demo

a whisper from simpler time. an 18 year old summer in harrisonburg VA. living across the street from the hospital. i thought this demo was lost, but thanks to the patient archiving talents of jason knicely we can now enjoy the near forgotten appomattox demo. a kind hearted folk love letter crooned right into your ear. somehow this evokes a sunny day or a rainy day. intimate and unassuming, these songs seem to talk about memories of things that could have happened to anyone. recorded by casey "zone" schroen as one of the first of many things he would record with one or the other of us, on a tascam 8 track that would still be in use 7 years later. songs, guitar, vocals and harmonica by chris bennett, percussion by andrew richardson. the reminder, in the form of mp3 files or a well scratched CDR, of the lives we lived together, broken forties and plant pots full of cigarette butts. the modern folk music of america. here is the song 'i never liked maryland', and a link to download the demo itself.

download appomattox - the j.e.b. stuart demo

abe po' ugly - dog god dog

five new songs from abe po' ugly (and his hired guns). endless closet revisions and the beginning of a very long trip. meditations with and without words, on modern life. a lofi hunt for the turkey of meaning. boy, you'll be a lawyer someday. maybe. these songs wander in front of you like a procession of pilgrims, but they are gone before you know it.

there are small spaces between each daily engagement and there are sometimes larger spaces, blank back pages between each chapter. i think this most likely grew from both kinds of crack. the modern folk music of america. i'm gonna feature the song 'lawyer' for streaming, and you can download the whole thing.

download abe po ugly - dog god dog


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