the brooms - too drunk to apologize

it recently came to my attention that many of the broom's fondest supporters (a handful of our best friends) did not have a copy of our swan song of a recording, working-titled 'too drunk to apologize'.

it was recorded sometime in 2009 on a tascam 488 cassette 8 track, at a time when we all began to say 'fuck it' about the band, but not this recording (or each other as friends for that matter), we for some reason put alot of effort into it. so here is a copy of "too drunk to apologize' to download and a couple of songs to stream. i think the wonderful jake adams might play some guest tambourine on 'cake'. the modern folk music of america.


photo by will renton

ukeladies - wandering way

here is another track that calamity kat hooked me up with, by the ukeladies out of minneapolis, mn. a sweet original tune called 'wandering way' featuring three part harmonies, recorded in the basement at 'we the people studios' there in minneapolis. i love the harmony arrangements around the refrain.

this picture came from their myspace page. check that for show dates and other such information. the modern folk music of america.

nitemayors EP

a six song EP recorded in my bedroom in portland in late june, just after my 27th birthday. it is about mountains, nightmares and demon dreams, walking, folk songs, william blake, driving and working.

the modern folk music of america.

nitemayors EP


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