dream places

dream places are from in between your bones. dream places are the only ones you own.

the modern folk music of america.

sean namei played some bass and guitar on some tracks. country critters.

the damnson brothers - nine pound hammer and banjo song

some virginia boys find themselves in california singing for their dinner at a moose lodge or something. some raw and ragged tunes from the damnson brothers. just a banjo, a guitar, and i imagine some whiskey. these are some practice recordings. i especially dig 'new banjo song'.

the modern folk music of america.


two new songs. recorded this weekend. thanks go to my friend kelly clark for giving me the floor tom and snare drum you hear on these songs. the snare drum is also on 'alligator man'.

the modern folk music of america.


photo by breanne taylor.

alligator man

this is a cover of a jimmy newman song, but i learned it from alex chilton's version on his album 'like flies on sherbert'. the dog barks on this recording are by sebastian and fidel.

the modern folk music of america.


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