petal shop - oh! revelation and I declare

here are two tracks from the upcoming LP 'the scope' by detroit folk duo petal shop. old timey tunes with modern themes, delivered in charming harmonies. hints of percussion add puncuation to these fast paced fiddle and banjo songs.

petal shop was nice enough to answer three interview questions, a first for the modern folk music of america. so here is that:

-MFMOA- what are a couple of your favorite albums, ones you constantly come back to, and listen to over and over again?

-PS- there's always been plenty of roger miller in our rotation. the best album that really gives you an idea of what we've always loved about him is called simply, 'the genius of roger miller'.
    iris dement's 'my life' is a personal classic and lyle lovett's 'pontiac' will never, never grow old.

-MFMOA- how do you feel about the fact that modern technology has made it possible for anyone with the will to do it to record, produce, and distribute their music?

 -PS- you always hear about how the demise of the music industry has made the game more democratic, but it's true. as producers of a musical product, our overhead continues to shrink while our ability to reach fans directly only increases. we can record, distribute and tour from one record without having to sell out stadiums in every city. since millions of dollars don't have to change hands in order for a band to be successful, that means that so many more bands are able to carve out a piece of the listener base and set up camp. it's been great for folk music because it means that the music really can stay where it belongs, among people who truly feel a connection to it.

-MFMOA- what are a couple of your favorite cities and venues that you have played on your tours?

-PS- whenever we leave detroit, we always love to swing through the south. we've played some great shows in san antonio and dallas when we hit texas. There's an amazing spot called 'the cove' in san antonio that has a stage set set up at the end of three or four rows of long tables that stretch the length of the room. there's a family band that plays there every weekend called
'the lavens' that are just great. we've been treated like family in atlanta and little rock. we've loved philly when we've been there and chicago always treats us well. the old town school of folk music is an amazing institution. we always find a reason to like each city more and more whenever we return. we start to see the same fans at the shows and they end up showing us an angle of town that we'd never have found on our own. we love the road . . .

thanks for your responses petal shop. i love roger miller too. 'the scope' is due for release on november 11th, and is available online here. look for them touring through your town. the modern folk music of america.


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