uncle bengine and the restraining orders - comes in nines and jesse lee & daniel d

i'm proud to feature a couple tracks from the upcoming full-length release by harrisonburg, va's uncle bengine and the restraining orders, 'comes in nines'. whiskey soaked tales of love and loss with a driving groove and very nice musicianship all around. a good mix of weepers and rockers.

i've got a couple preview tracks here, including the title track, and 'jesse lee & daniel d', a standout ballad that shows a sweet taste of what this record has to offer. It will be available for purchase november 8th here and here. you can also check out their previous releases at those sites or at funny/not funny records. if you live in the harrisonburg area, they put on a good show and will probably be playing a bar or basement or maybe on a porch near you sometime soon. the modern folk music of america.


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