duo recital and documenting harmony: music education in the holy land

well, this post takes us a little ways outside of america, but i thought i would share to this documentary photography project, out of philadelphia, which jordan perry (who is featured on the folksgiving C90 mixtape) is involved in. here are the photographer's words about what she is trying to accomplish:

----"The project began last spring when I crossed paths with musicians Jerrell Jackson and Vena Johnson.  As a photographer, I had been looking for a project to work on, related to under-privileged children and their access to a nurturing and healthy childhood.  Childhood is such a consequential time, and I've always wanted to do a project that documents the spirit of children facing difficult situations, and their will to aspire to bigger dreams.

When I met them, Jerrell and Vena had recently returned from performing and teaching music to children in Bethlehem, Jericho, Jerusalem, and Ramallah.  The experience left them changed and inspired to give back, so they created The Duo Recital, a series of concerts in Philadelphia and Virginia aimed at raising awareness and funds for music education in Palestine.  Their friend and guitarist, Jordan Perry, deeply moved by their experience, also joined the Duo Recital.
As a photographer, I felt the work they were doing was important because it wasn't about politics, or religion; it was about what can bring us together.  It was about the transformative power of music and artistic expression in children's lives, and the space it honors for them to create and realize greater dreams.  I knew I had found the project I was looking for.
I began documenting their rehearsals and concert series in the U.S. this past spring, and now Jordan and I have the opportunity to travel in December, together with Jerrell and Vena, as they return to the Holy Land.  They will all perform with the International Baroque Festival, and teach music to children through the Al-Kamandjati Music School.  My role will be to tell the stories of the children and the music, through photography."----- 
here is a video about the project that shows the duo recital in action.
not my usual subject matter, but if music is taught to more kids all over the world, then future generations will continue producing what i call modern folk music. music made by regular people because they love it so much they can't stop, and who won't let the drags of modern life get in the way of it. so check out the kickstarter, learn more about the project, and maybe give them a donation. the modern folk music of america.

check out the duo recital's page here for show information.


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