MFOA folksgiving C90 mixtape

well i've had this thing going for about a year now, so i thought i'd throw together a 90 minute mixtape, just like you could dub onto one of those old fashioned cassettes. there's something here from most every artist i've featured, in most cases a tune i havn't yet posted. alot of the tracks are things i've been invloved in over the years. alot of the tracks are just nostalgic, echoes from the past.  i hope you like it.

1-elephant child - cemetary
2-brent emanuel - flea market
3-trade- dirl
4-mudrock and werther - cash money
5-abe po ugly - in the hotel of lost light
6-appomattox - emily
7-the brooms - lies
8-phix -southland tales redux
9-nitemayors - in the pines
10-iron bladen - valentines day
11-matlock 4 - neil
12-finder&found - open hands
13-the tomsmen - i'm a hustler

b1-country creatures - today your love, tomorrow the world
b2-badfellows - tuesday the 13th
b3-moss -doomsday cult
b4-jordan perry - title unknown
b5-da bris - why oh why
b6-dirtpond - dance the mountains
b7-april and wayne - aint love strange
b8-jlb - where is my granola
b9-zach barbery - it's hard to leave you sweet love
b10-petal shop - little miss derby
b11-bryan whitten - we look away
b12-port wine band - you're so sweet
b13-uncle bengine - bootleggers
b14-kalamity cat - spring's an hobo

-the modern folk music of america-


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