pc worship - staring at the sun and southern withdrawal (video)

ran across this today, a pair of new videos from brooklyn, ny's pc worship. they have a new release pending, called 'toxic love', check out their blog to figure out how to get your hands on this limited release. this band has sailed the weedy sea from tribal drumming ornette coleman style jazz excursions to moderately poppy psychedelic grunge, i've been pretty into it all the way. one reviewer called it 'shitgaze'... see for yourself and see about grabbing the new LP 'toxic love'. a more widely known and high profile band than i usually feature here, but i think their music is too good not to post something about them.

PC Worship "Staring At the Sun" from Kreephaus on Vimeo.

PC Worship "Southern Withdrawal" from Kreephaus on Vimeo.

these guys were nice enough to let us crash at the place pictured in "southern withdrawal" one night when the brooms had a show in brooklyn. always glad to hear new tunes from this band. check that site for tour information, and free downloads of most of their older albums. the modern folk music of america.


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