abe po' ugly - lady tumbleweed

one of my favorite tracks from abe po' ugly, composed while he was out in the wilds of the pacific crest trail, posted for new years eve. another year is gone by.

the modern folk music of america.

a snakehorn christmas

here are a couple songs for the season from snakehorn. merry christmas!

the modern folk music of america.

street muse project

here is a link to the the street muse project, an effort to document the transformative power of street music across the world. this involves one of my favorite musicians, nate rappole, aka gull, of richmond, va. check this business out, and maybe help kickstart it.

this is something everyone who is a fan of homemade music should get behind. wild music being performed in public on the street has the power to transform our world. and gull is one of the most transfixing performers i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. also, check out his other legendary band, the ultra dolphins. the modern folk music of america.

creeping jesus - never really tried

unfortunately, this isn't available for download, but i had to get this up here.  tune from creeping jesus, out of harrisonburg, va. a band that contains four of my good friends, some of them former bandmates. the name is from a william blake poem.

i hope to hear more from these guys in the near future. the modern folk music of america.


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