a week of fridays - friday four (moon creature)

it comes from beyond the moon. friday four.

song and all that rot - moss
lead guitar - zach barbery

the modern folk music of america.

a week of fridays - friday three (pale rider)


song and shit - moss
drums - zach barbery

the modern folk music of america

camellia sinensis - heavens to betsy

here are a couple tracks from camellia sinensis' EP called 'heavens to betsy'. lo-fi anti-folk kind of stuff with interesting words. from the wilds of new jersey, i think.

download the EP free at his bandcamp. you can also keep up with camellia sinensis on FB. the modern folk music of america.

a week of fridays - friday two (lovely day)

here is friday two (lovely day) for your pleasure.

song, recording, instruments - moss

the modern folk music of america.

a week of fridays - friday one (dreamin)

i've recorded a new 7 song thing called a week of fridays. i'm gonna throw a new song up here every day for a week. friday one is called dreamin.

song - moss
vocals - breanne taylor

turlocks - live at blue nile (video)

here is a video of new harrisonburg band the turlocks playing live at blue nile. features some of my really good friends, including former members of the brooms and tomsmen. I played a couple shows with them when i was back in virginia. country twinged soul-rock-pop for your pleasure.

look for recordings, hopefully on their way soon. the modern folk music of america.

crapnap - banned from formal events demo

here is the first demo from crapnap. its called 'banned from formal events'. take a crapnap.

guitar, vocals, 1,000,000 pedals - sean namei
bass, vocals, drums, cover art - josh moss

go to country creatures for more information

the modern folk music of america

salvaticus - breeding ground

here is a track from charlottesville, va's salvaticus. a heavy monolith of instrumental, blackish metal. this, for now, is the recording project of the drummer and guitar player from thus came, whom i posted about way back in the murky history of this spot. this track and the 4 song EP it is from offer long form blasts that listen more like suites, each lasting for about ten minutes. they work in movements, pulling participants through shades of darkness, at times winding down to acoustic guitars before blasting off again. here's the lead song, 'breeding ground'

you can grab the EP as a free download at their bandcamp. the modern folk music of america.

the cinnamon band - the hammond song (roches cover)

here is a cover of the roches' 'hammond song' by harrisonburg/staunton va's the cinnamon band. they plan to do 12 covers in 2012, releasing one every month. 12X12. it'll be cool to see what else they come up with.

and here is a live video of it

the modern folk music of america.

jordan perry - boriska and old hake

here are some solo guitar musings from jordan perry, whose music was featured on the MFOA mixtape. These songs have a contemplative vibe, somewhere on the border between 'american primitive' fingerstyle guitar and classical composition i think, though i'm not an expert on those genres. unexpected nylon string dreamtones.

the modern folk music of america.

freddie nunez - runaway

here lie a couple tracks from freddie nunez's brand new (meaning today) album 'runaway'. soothing bedroom pop from california's moreno valley. this 'collapsing' song is an especially pleasing harrisonesque transportation.

run away with it, as well as two of his older albums, for a nominal fee, at his bandcamp. the modern folk music of america.

gull - shackleton (video)

this video is badass. gull embodies many of the philosophies behind the modern folk music of america. video shot/directed by chad middleton.

don't forget the street muse project, which is very near its fundraising goal. kickstart it here. the modern folk music of america.


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