degollado - the dying season

heavy instrumental noise rock from strasburg, va's degollado, a hard touring two piece guitar and drums machine on founding father records. i featured FFR labelmates (and bandmates) trade here back in this spot's early days.

zone out to this heavy number, and look for degollado coming to your area...they are some road warriors.

you can pick up EPs by both trade and degollado here. the modern folk music of america.

hashed out - spontaneous musics

here is a thing zach and i recorded late one night

it evolved out of these two attemtps..

thought it might be interesting to show the places along the road to this recording. mfoa.

by the way, MFOA was mentioned by the welsh internet radio show TheWaitingroom so check these guys out.

not so modern folk music

a group called cultural equity has funded the digitization of roughly 17,400 audio files worth of alan lomax's life's work...field and otherwise recordings of all kinds of music, interviews and thoughts. prison songs, play songs, blues songs, folk songs.

decidedly not the usual fodder for my spot here, but mr. lomax was the very inspiration for this weblog, so i had to post it. a real treasure trove here. the modern folk music of america.

elephant child - under the bridge part two

rock out of harrisonburg, va. this track is part of a split 7" with WVA's the demon beat on funny/not funny records.

country creatures - henry lee

a country creatures/mfoa double post, here is a version of the folk song "henry lee" i recorded with sean and anna. go to country creatures to see what sean wrote about it.

guitars, recording - moss
vocals, guitars - sean
vocals - anna

the modern folk music of america.

pussyfic punk/doomsday cult

i might not be recording for awhile, other parts of life being what they are at the the moment. so here's the internet 45 treatment for two songs of the oh-nine vintage that I have always been fond of, from a recording called hatebang.

you can grab the other songs from hatebang here. the modern folk music of america.

the cinnamon band - dead + rural (handsome furs cover)

here is number three in TCB's year-long series of monthly covers. This song was originally done by the handsome furs, who were at one time TCB's touring buddies.

hhm, what tune will they do next? the modern folk music of america.

mc car parts - sasquatch and jack tha truck

i figured there needed to be a place to download these, cause folks still ask me about them. mc car parts is someone i met while draping myself with jumper cables in the woods somewhere west of harrisonburg. he recorded these two songs.

tyler supko - (i wish she was) my girl

like a lofi billy joel from his doo-wop phase, tyler supko brings this charming recording of an original song. tyler has been featured here before as one half of the damnson brothers. here he is looking in rough shape.

tyler had a bad car wreck recently but is making a full recovery. this is i believe the first tune he committed to computerized tape post-crash. enjoy. mfoa.

the james badfellows - demos

here are five new tracks from the james badfellows, a cell phone recording of whom was posted here quite awhile back.  rock served without ice (but maybe with a twist of danzig and the kinks) by these boys from staunton and harrisonburg VA, featuring members of the turlocks and the cinnamon band, and alot of other old bands of various reputes.

james badfellow feeding a squirrel

what's interesting is james' captain beefheart esque songwriting approach, in which the songs arrive fully formed in his head and then get translated into chords and such by the rest of the band. i played organ on the cell phone recording from the old post, its a fun way to make a tune. This effort was recorded by uncle bengine. real happy to be the first to lay this demo on you!

james cathey - songs, vocals
tbird wilson - guitar
hollywood campbell - guitar
razor the blade hernandez-knicely - bass
hank haney - drums


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