the james badfellows - demos

here are five new tracks from the james badfellows, a cell phone recording of whom was posted here quite awhile back.  rock served without ice (but maybe with a twist of danzig and the kinks) by these boys from staunton and harrisonburg VA, featuring members of the turlocks and the cinnamon band, and alot of other old bands of various reputes.

james badfellow feeding a squirrel

what's interesting is james' captain beefheart esque songwriting approach, in which the songs arrive fully formed in his head and then get translated into chords and such by the rest of the band. i played organ on the cell phone recording from the old post, its a fun way to make a tune. This effort was recorded by uncle bengine. real happy to be the first to lay this demo on you!

james cathey - songs, vocals
tbird wilson - guitar
hollywood campbell - guitar
razor the blade hernandez-knicely - bass
hank haney - drums


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