joey arbogast - untitled song one

here is some 'in-process' music from my friend joey. he is a trained recording engineer, this is what he is messing with on his own.

without vocals or a title at this point, this song still conveys  its precise metal-core grooves. look for more in the future, or check out some more right now at joey's soundcloud page.

the cinnamon band - black love

here is a new music video from the cinnamon band in support of their new 'black love/tough love' 7" release on funny/not funny records.

"Black Love" from Will Renton on Vimeo.

this has long been one of my favorite tunes of theirs. video by will renton.

blown live at the barn (video)

on the third sunday of each month something called the hoot happens in deep SE portland. an open stage show where country/folk musicians get together with their families, friends and pups to play music and enjoy food and booze and good company...i have been having alot of fun going to this thing. here is a video of me playing a new song there.

look for more transmissions from the hoot in the future. the modern folk music of america.

video by breanne taylor

sights of last nite featuring au dunes and the woolen men

here's trying to get some more 'field recordings' up on this spot, ala mr. lomax. the subjects here are two portland, oregon rock bands, au dunes and the woolen men. the sound quality on these recordings is impressionistic at best.

here's au dunes at union pine in SE portland.

and here are two cell phone recordings of the woolen men at angelo's, also in SE portland. the place was too hoppin' for a video, and the woolen men rated that crowd for sure.

heres woolen men's latest album:

cassettes by the woolen men can be had at eggy records and distribution or maybe gnar tapes. physical goods from au dunes are at curly cassettes. the modern folk music of america.

pc worship - figure it out (video)

more pc worship in the form of this new video. track to be released on an upcoming tape comp.  i can't get enough of this band.

PC Worship - "Figure It Out" from Kreephaus on Vimeo.

kreephaus again. the modern folk music of america.

j. frye and chef dan's pc florida - pass it all around

j. frye of brooklyn's pc worship just sent me this spontaneously recorded ode to weed and good times and passing out that he and his friends committed to tape today.

somehow this song is light hearted and droney at the same time. one take guitar solos plus hoots and hollers, abound. here are the lyrics, posted on the kreephaus soundcloud site:

"Take a hit,
take a puff,
take a trip,
light it up,
light it down
& pass it all around
Smoke some air,
smoke some weed,
smoke some dust,
smoke some cream,
smoke a dream,
& pass it all around...
hold it in,
let it out
before you pass out you gotta do it again
& pass it all around
*take a rip,
take a nip,
take a dip,
take a sip,
take a chip
& pass em all around"

take a chip. click on that kreephaus link to check out music from pc worship, buck gooter and lots of other way out bands.

the cinnamon band - main man (t. rex cover)

coming through with my favorite song choice yet from their 12x12 series of monthly cover songs, here is the cinnamon band singing t. rex's 'main man'.

this time around these boys got a little help from a friend, christina of richmond, va's indie/folk rising stars the low branches. the modern folk music of america.

the turlocks - song number one and coaster glasses (demos)

here are two demos from harrisonburg, va's the turlocks. similar to the james badfellows the turlocks are somewhat of a local supergroup featuring members of many current and/or defunct virginia bands, including the brooms, the alphabet, tomsmen, uncle bengine and the super vacations.

songwriterish rock, twinged with a country sadness. some of my best friends. love these dudes.

look for these guys cramming themselves into the corner of the little grill during this weekend's macrock festivities in downtown harrisonburg.

au dunes - bottom of town

here is a cool track from portland lo-fi psych revivalists au dunes. this tune was written and sung by au dunes member and frequent contributer here, zach barbery.  a nice tapey feel saturates the proceedings, and some mic busting crackly screaming raves up the end of this timeless sounding number.

you can grab some more au dunes, and stuff from many other portland bands falling under the general umbrella of psychedelic/indie rock at curly cassettes. mostly available in the form of cassettes or downloads.

buck gooter - straight to hell, consider the grackles, terry reads poetry (videos)

here is a little output from harrisonburg va's infamous buck gooter, noise spewing road dogs about to embark on a spring tour with mounds and black pus.

get buck gooter's stuff at kreephaus records (lotsa good stuff there). the modern folk music of america.

aggrocrag - all the cool kids had to have one (video)

dirtpond's unlikely but very frequent stage-sharers aggrocrag have this sweet vid that was recently (re)brought to my attention...i think there is a country creature somewhere in there...

crazy costumes and circle pit of fire. MFOA.

dirtpond - plague song and dance the mountains

here are a couple dirtpond songs from a live on wxjm performance that never got recorded for real or released anywhere. damn, i need to get my recording rig back up and running, or you need to email me some music...anyway, nostalgia.

hope you dig this past-blast. the modern folk music of america.


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