j. frye and chef dan's pc florida - pass it all around

j. frye of brooklyn's pc worship just sent me this spontaneously recorded ode to weed and good times and passing out that he and his friends committed to tape today.

somehow this song is light hearted and droney at the same time. one take guitar solos plus hoots and hollers, abound. here are the lyrics, posted on the kreephaus soundcloud site:

"Take a hit,
take a puff,
take a trip,
light it up,
light it down
& pass it all around
Smoke some air,
smoke some weed,
smoke some dust,
smoke some cream,
smoke a dream,
& pass it all around...
hold it in,
let it out
before you pass out you gotta do it again
& pass it all around
*take a rip,
take a nip,
take a dip,
take a sip,
take a chip
& pass em all around"

take a chip. click on that kreephaus link to check out music from pc worship, buck gooter and lots of other way out bands.


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