nightmares again

here is some new cover art for my album nightmares by my brother aaron. previously it was the garden of earthly delights.

very glad to have his talents involved.

drew - a short film by brent finnegan

everyone should take 3 minutes to watch this short documentary about one of harrisonburg, va's favorite people, drew johnson, shot by brent finnegan for the super gr8 film festival.

the modern folk music of america.

marty stitches and the chinese dragons - motherwhore and my education

many of us suffered a loss recently in the form of the death of our friend marty tribble. i hope he is resting easy. during his life he played in a lot of bands and made a lot of music, here are two songs he recorded, lovingly uploaded by sean namei/country creatures and zach barbery.

marty will be missed by alot of people. the modern folk music of america.


here are two tracks from my new album nightmares.

earl knox with brent emanuel - detox mansion (warren zevon cover)

when i happen upon a video of mfoa regular brent emanuel performing a warren zevon tune with charlottesville va's roots rock band earl knox, you know i'm gonna post it.

this video is 2008 in vintage, but worth the watch. the modern folk music of america.

adam smith of the invisible hand at macrock

here's a video of adam smith performing some decidedly kinks-flavored jams solo at the macrock label expo in harrisonburg, va, this past april.

charlottesville, va's the invisible hand is blowing up these days, doing some festival time and nearly reaching a level of popularity that would make me disqualify them from this spot...but hey, the songs in this video are pretty good. i'll even forgive them for naming a forth-coming EP 'aja', despite the hubris inherent in that choice.

mikes bar - a short film

thought i'd post this short film 'mikes bar' by my friend ryan walker. its a story about a man making an unfortunate deal. or more accurately, paying up. some music by the brooms is featured in it.

check it out. some more of his work is available on his youtube channel. the modern folk movie of america?


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