accela - womb and wrapped in plastic

here is some drum and bass for your ears from accela - an older project of the multi-talented dj finks.

twin peaks reference? a little change of pace for MFOA.

bryan whitten - trapper

from fairbanks, alaska, here is a new backwoods jam about meth and pelts from bryan whitten whose song 'we look away' also made its debut here on MFOA. i'm very pleased to be able to post another of his tunes.

when bryan sent this to me he was self depricating about his recording skills but i think this one sounds great. apparently it was born out of the 2010 rock lotto with the help of some other harrisonburg, va denizens but only just now came to fruition. click on his name up there to check out some other stuff.

emanuel labor - ride a cow (video)

a dulcet improvised tune from brent emanuel and company. yelpings and dronings.

video by brent.

some drumming

here is some wild drumming from keli birchfield, a very talented drummer i had the pleasure of having in my band for a show two winters ago at gone studios.

i think she also teaches drum lessons. the modern folk music of america.

the turlocks - in tow

here is a ripping country tinged power pop jam from the turlocks. i posted some of their earlier demos here.

if you live in the harrisonburg, va area, look for these guys playing live in the near future.


an attempt to make a recording that i might have a chance of reproducing in a live setting.

no longer streaming download link here.

new artwork by bre taylor. the modern folk music of america.


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