jonathan wall - three tape pieces

here are some tape experiments from north carolina's jonathan wall. 'how many shocks do we wish?' these are made from tape manipulations i guess. other stuff around the bandcamp page is made from chopping up youtube videos, a modern take on ideas pioneered by the likes of william burroughs and brion gysin.

this music, pushing the boundaries of what music is and using found sound and cut-up technique, is new for MFOA and i'm glad to have it. I appreciate the convergence of these movements with youtube as the scrapyard. enjoy.

half way station - moonshine

here is new one for MFOA: an international post. here is some spacious, ghostly nordic folk music from rotterdam, netherland's half way station. sparse, droning northern grooves with backwoods southern themes. it has that kind of charm like when phil lynott sings about being a cowboy. those southern girls, they all seem the same.

this might not be the modern folk music of america per se, but it shares that inspiration, and i see no reason why a rigid concept such as national borders ought to restrict the content here. these cats got their band name from a greyhound station in jackson, tennessee, which they described to me as an "awkward place/twilight zone". sounds like a fair description of any greyhound station to me. the modern folk music of america.

the platypus method - sound mind

continuing on that electronic theme, here is some killer, haunting lofi ambient music from the platypus method. the first twitter connection for MFOA. despite the these modern circumstances this music has a timeless quality to it and a well worn warmth.

the whole album is a free download. click the name above to grab it. follow its creator on twitter @kilobees.


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