MFOA inspirations C70 mixtape

this mixtape is a little different from the last is a mix of musicians that inspire the modern folk music of america. those that took home recording to a new level, or made it popular, or played and recorded against all odds. some tracks are just the home experiments of widely known artists. some are field recordings of genuine folk. some are demos, works in progress. recorded in basements, hotel rooms, bedrooms and garages, by the famous and the obscure, these are the kinds of songs that make us modern folk think to ourselves 'maybe i could do that'.

of course there are other themes here too. there are four very different versions of "in the pines" to show how these traditional songs can wind their way through our cultures and times. there is even at least one tune here recorded by this spot's spiritual grandpa, alan lomax. there are strange songs and there are pop hooks.

1-leland - this is my world
2-epic soundtracks - night time
3-gull - baby momma
4-the band - ain't no more cain
5-buddy holly - wait till the sun shines nelly
6-john phillips - black girl
7-r. stevie moore - i wanna hit you
8-donnie & joe emerson - good time
9-human switchboard - i gotta know
10-elizabeth cotten - shake sugaree
11-vic flick - zulu maid
12-holy modal rounders - hesitation blues
13-captain beefheart - the dust blows foward and the dust blows back
14-guided by voices - game of pricks
15-leadbelly - where did you sleep last night
16-alex chilton - alligator man
17-sun city girls - black orchid
18-the witch - black tears
19-skip spence - cripple creek
20-roscoe holcomb - in the pines
21-big star - motel blues
22-link wray - in the pines
23-joe meek - i hear a new world
24-shoes - boys don't lie

download MFOA inspirations C70 mixtape

i have to give a kind word to ghostcapital, aquarium drunkard, and the late lamented holy warbles and weird brother for letting me in on some of these inspired/inspiring transmissions.
this also hints at my actual taste, which i tend to not express here. MFOA is not about taste making or genres or exclusion, it is about presenting homemade music, no matter what. so send me some.


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