police teeth - emmanuelle in renton

coming out of seattle with an unhurried grungy sound reminding me a little bit of the later career of the afghan whigs, here is a new video by police teeth

Police Teeth "Emmanuelle in Renton" from Do it for the girls on Vimeo.

here's to footage of kids from the 70's getting stoned and i guess doing chemistry? good song though. click their name up above to hunt down the rest of the LP, its pretty good as well.

alameda - slow beginnings

this is the lead single from the new LP 'procession' by portland, oregon's alameda. melancholy chamber folk, reminding me a little of another portland musician, elliot smith, in some of his more produced moments.

the feel of this tune mimics its title. it starts slowly and quietly then builds to a whistful refrain with the low buzz of the cello giving it that chambery vibe. lyrically personal, this song sounds like a rainy-day-staring-out-the-window kind of jam, in a good way. you can stream the entire LP here, or look out for it on sale on the false migration records imprint.

the saturday giant - when death comes

here's a tune from a one man band called the saturday giant who recently hit me up for tour help, which i unfortunately couldn't provide much of. anyway, he produces solid layered bedroom pop tunes that he reproduces on stage by building the sound with a series of loops. i noticed a bit of beat-boxing there...

anyway, good pop tunes and what sounds like a dynamic live show. too bad i'm on the wrong coast, but look for him touring back east this month.


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