the tres amigos - hey joe (video)

a great post for MFOA here, a video of folk trio the tres amigos performing the folk/rock standard 'hey joe'. this is one of those tunes, like 'st. james infirmary', or 'house of the rising sun', with an inscrutable history, it origins lost in the dusty murder filled history of america,  its vibes seized upon by countless psychsters and rockers. most notably jimi hendrix, whose birthday would've been a few days ago.

as a bonus i wanted to include this wacked out version by one-off forgotten 60's art rockers ant trip ceremony.

find out more about the tres amigos here.

talley summerlin - queen's drone

some lushly produced introspective songwriting out of new jersey by talley summerlin.

grab a free EP download here.

emil lager - fire escape (video)

a cool video from the swedish, by way of london, emil lager. there is a lyric in this song that i like..."i saw the rock'n'roll doctor, he told me to get a telecaster". emil knows how to play that telecaster.

i also enjoy the many references to factory era bob dylan. you can also check out a number of tracks on his soundcloud, here is one.

look for an album in the near future

sunsplitter - oh my

here is some earnest, harmonized folk-pop from north of the border, in the form of 'oh my' by toronto's sunsplitter. confessional lyrics, shuffling snares, and twanging guitars.

if you're digging it, purchase the album for a modest three bucks right here.

andy the doorbum - oomtat (video)

a new video by charlotte, north carolina's venerable andy the doorbum. not much more that needs to be said about that.

i've been a fan of this character for quite awhile. enjoy. also, you can get more of his stuff here and here. the modern folk music of america.

bre & me - throw aggi off the bridge (black tambourine cover)

this is a little thing bre & i recorded on my phone in a hotel room in mcdermitt, nevada. a cover of this great song by black tambourine.

this is what we did while we were missing the leonard cohen concert we had tickets to in portland...

camellia sinensis - pinks & blues

new old stuff from camellia sinensis. here is what he has to say about it-

"if, for whatever reason, you've ever wondered what I was like in early 2010, I think this is a fairly accurate representation. that's when these songs were written and recorded, along with some others that hopefully only really exist on my hard drive at this point. I was learning how to write songs. I was naive about most things, and had no idea what I was doing. I was shaky-voiced and nervous. I wrote songs about wearing sweaters, and I didn't really understand how to use a minor ninth chord. in a lot of ways, things haven't really changed. I suppose I'm grateful for that."

enjoy. the modern folk music of america.

bryan whitten - siren

happy to throw down another tune out of frozen alaska from MFOA's good friend bryan whitten. this tune, 'siren', is a psychedelic sea shanty of sorts.

i'm not exactly in alaska right now but i'm posting from the middle of nowhere and sure identify with that frozen boat. i really enjoy the instrumentation here, especially the french horn.

guitar/vocals-bryan whitten
french horn-emily lyngholm
drums-cassidy phillips
fireworks-tanana valley fair


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