the angel bouchet band - the preacher

renowned around portland, angel bouchet can belt a serious blues. here she is with her band singing an original song she wrote after "getting laid off from my third day job in three years".

if you look closely, you might recognize angel from another brief day job she held. a cameo appearance on portlandia. find out more about her and where to see her sing at her website.

very little daylight - i was never here

dark, breathy loner folk accompanied by violin from portland's very little daylight.

see VLD live tommorrow at this event

zenthesis - ordinary trash (video)

presenting zenthesis, a northwestern rock juggernaut that has been rumbling for a number of years.

Zen Thesis - Ordinary Trash from ZenThesis on Vimeo.

check out more at their website and bandcamp site.

mat masterson - booze mountain

an earnest tune about booze and a broken heart from mat masterson. straightfoward guitar rock with a slightly midwestern feel.

that happens to be all the information i have about this guy. the modern folk music of america.

angus carter - dollar store camera videos

sounds and images from angus carter, all around artsman from staunton, virginia.

contact angus at

old light - no

here's that new thing from old light i mentioned in the last post, out on curly cassettes. a bit rougher around the edges than their 2010 release, 'the dirty future', this outing was "recorded, mixed and manufactured in one week 1/18 - 1/25, mastered direct to cassette from tascam 388 8-track tape machine"

apparently this is to be the first in a series of 5 cassettes from old light on curly cassettes, each one recorded by a different producer in a different place, but on the same tascam 388 reel-to-reel machine. listen to it.

also, watch it:

old light - the dirty future

old light is a very interesting portland band with a brand new album out on curly cassettes. unfortunately there is nowhere to stream that release, so i'm featuring their older album, also pretty cool. **update: stream that new release, "NO" here and here**

it's not often (or ever) that i get to say this, but this reminds in some small way of "can't buy a thrill" era steely dan, with added psych folk and grungey pop elements. good musicianship all around. i was at one of their shows the other night but i left cause the bar ran out of every beer except heineken. my friend remi said they were pretty incredible live so we'll go with that.

here is a video of old light playing their tune "ocean waves" at portland's bunk bar.

Old Light, "Ocean Waves" from inger klekacz on Vimeo.

shenandoah alley - new album promo (video)

a taste of the new album from shenandoah alley, out next month

art vandelay - eye 8 the crow/so what (video)

some experimental hip-hop here with a pretty whacked out video. from seattle. how can i not post something from a group called art vandelay?

Art Vandelay - Eye 8 The Crow / So What? (HD OFFICIAL VIDEO) from rickypharoe on Vimeo.

this has way more promotional support than things i typically post here, but, seinfeld reference.

the barefoot band - gas money for austin

some one-man-band action out of sheridan, wyoming from the barefoot band. folk music through a hippy kaleidoscope, complete with beat boxing and "folktronica" flourishes.

this is the newest and most polished release, but there are other name-your-own-price releases on the bandcamp page. sometimes the circumstances of life prevent us from having any more than one member in our bands.

small souls - please don't give me what i want

some indie-folk from small souls out of portland, oregon.

i enjoy the instrumental runs that punctuate the flow of this northwestern folkpop nugget.

pc worship - born in my shell (video)

more from these guys.

look for a new album "beat punk" on the new images label and tour dates soon.

satellite high - trap keeper

a rare occurrence here at MFOA, this morning i have some hip-hop in the form of bay area backpack style dude satellite high. his latest album "trap keeper" is a collection of tunes the lyrics of which he took exclusively from a teenager's notebook of raps his wife found on the ground while walking the dog. needless to say that is right up MFOA's alley.

this album is cool, but for some of SH's own fairly clever words, check out his bandcamp where he has MANY choose-your-own-price releases. one that i thought was particularly cool was radd axxion which features musical explorations. SH is also pretty active on twitter @satellitehigh.

three penny walnut - live than to dream (apocalypse children)

three penny walnut, out of san diego, offers up noir flavored cabaret piano jazz songs with a heavy cloud of atmosphere and a deep velvety voice, kind of like if tom waits didn't smoke, maybe.

i've featured something from their live album here which highlights some instrumental interplay, but there is much more available at their bandcamp.

brothers with benefits - jesus song (video)

here are brothers with benefits out of welches, oregon.

comedy folk, a first for MFOA.

joey westerlund - the city

this morning i'm presenting a fairly polished emo-pop-folk ballad from dallas, oregon resident joey westerlund called 'the city'.

as a bonus i'm gonna include this ke$ha cover he recorded, i'm a sucker for ke$ha.

for more check out his facebook page or his soundcloud.

ian mckinney - octodad (nobody suspects a thing)

lofi bedroom insanity from ian mckinney out of austin, tx. i'm going to feature his latest release (which was also my favorite) but his bandcamp is a pretty deep archive of whacked out synths, vocoders and drum machine experiments,  including some strange covers of the likes of 'eye of the tiger' and (you can't blame somebody for ambition) 'bohemian rhapsody'.

the best songs on here are the perfect mix of a synthpop sensibility with no budget grime. the rest is some pretty inspired weirdness.

sweeping exits - lost my love

power pop with a punk edge from portland, oregon's sweeping exits. boyish vocals over slightly lofi guitars and an urgent beat.

the above tune was the one they requested i feature but i also liked this jam:

that and more is available at their bandcamp, visit there for more tunes and album downloads.

barons of industry - when times were electric part one

anthemic indie rock out of portland, oregon from the barons of industry.  heart on the sleeve songwriting with a big somewhat springsteen-ish sound.

wave your beers in the air to this one. i like the line about the ring, "oh that damn thing"...

the james badfellows - a blaze in the northern soul

the james badfellows came up for air long enough from what i imagine to be a swimming grotto full of gin, or maybe an old couch and a dvd of veronica mars (and gin), to create a cool looking bandcamp for their demo, replete with a reference to both darkthrone and obscure vintage soul music at the same time.

this marks the end of MFOA as the sort of exclusive home of this demo (it was also featured on dying for bad music's free music blog), but cest' la vie, go name your own price for this if you slept this long on the free download.

brent finnegan sings a song in tribute to carl sandburg (video)

this short song is a tribute to the song stylings of carl sandburg, a favored muse of this blog, performed by brent finnegan of harrisonburg, va.

any friend of carl sandburg is a friend of MFOA. download a collection of recordings of sandburg himself singing here.

dustin reid - throwing the bride to the wolves

an eclectic singer/songwriter folk rock album from denver, colorado's dustin reid, spanning the distance from psych folk drones to angular rockers...reminiscent of palace music in its range and idiosyncratic vocal delivery.

many of these songs hang right on the edge of pop without losing their grip on weird. i listened to this a few times and couldn't choose one song to feature, so i just included the stream for the whole thing.

brent emanuel - on my feet again and bad boy (videos)

here are some videos of brent performing songs by david alan coe and john prine respectively. a little from one of MFOA's favorites early in 2013.

happy new year from MFOA

shenandoah alley - squirrel gravy and beaumont rag (plus videos)

a couple of bluegrass rags from up the holler on the western edge of the shenandoah valley. these boys are some old friends of mine and are playing several shows in the near future in the general vicinity of harrisonburg, va, so if you live there, go check em out.

don't have anything i can embed right now, so for the time being, go listen to these two tunes at their facebook band page.

update: here are some live videos from a performance at the artful dodger in harrisonburg, va, for your visual pleasures:


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