old light - the dirty future

old light is a very interesting portland band with a brand new album out on curly cassettes. unfortunately there is nowhere to stream that release, so i'm featuring their older album, also pretty cool. **update: stream that new release, "NO" here and here**

it's not often (or ever) that i get to say this, but this reminds in some small way of "can't buy a thrill" era steely dan, with added psych folk and grungey pop elements. good musicianship all around. i was at one of their shows the other night but i left cause the bar ran out of every beer except heineken. my friend remi said they were pretty incredible live so we'll go with that.

here is a video of old light playing their tune "ocean waves" at portland's bunk bar.

Old Light, "Ocean Waves" from inger klekacz on Vimeo.


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