jesse and the revelator - god bless the union and damn diane sawyer

this song is part of a concept album about kentucky coal country, inspired by service work, homebuilding, in harlan county. the two members of jesse and the revelator recorded this album together and apart...they were seperated by an ocean due to their efforts as world-wide volunteers. enjoy the mournful folk atmosphere and the detail and sense of place in the words.

download the entire album and find out more about the project here. check out other, non harlan themed tunes by jesse and the revelator here.

jd ross - disappearing

a nearly anonymous singer/songwriter type folk song from jd ross. no other information was offered, nor could it be found.

there was on old myspace page, last login 2009, with everything set to private. the modern folk music of america.

lessons in centipede dentistry - s/t

an instrumental rock band with psychedelic and appalachian leanings out of staunton, virginia. i like this recording a lot, just discovered it this morning.

surprisingly for folks from this part of the country, i don't actually know these guys personally. look for them performing around the staunton area, and find more info on their facebook.

the 13th step - dusk

a relaxing, atmospheric drum and bass track i drummed up from a twitter interaction, "dusk".

the artist describes the music: "it's all excessively electronic and often celebrates technology for technology's sake but that's how I roll".  for more of the 13th steps' downtempo technological celebrations, check out the bandcamp page.

also, support their efforts in this remix contest.

mike herz - overgrown

mike herz brings us an earnest singer/songwriter folk album out of new jersey. this album features story-like songs that bring you into the singer's life, with sparse production, putting herz's cleanly played acoustic guitar and detailed lyrics in the forefront. one of my favorite tracks here is "spring street", a somewhat darker tale of life in a neighborhood, and the life of the neighborhood itself.

find out a little more about mike and his show schedule, future releases, other press, etc, at his website. download the album "overgrown" here.

here is a video for the lead track "preserved land", from "overgrown".

crapnap - take a crapnap

"what the fuck is a crapnap? who the fuck knows just take a fucking crapnap already. whatever it is i can't go on a date with you i'm busy i gotta take a big crapnap."

from the same basement that brought you spirit balls.

odhiambo, bonniface and gull (video)

really cool video of nate rappole aka gull jamming with some kenyan friends during his time in africa filming a documentary about street music and performance. a joy to watch. the modern folk music of worlds coming together.

Odhiambo, Bonniface and Gull from Meryl O'Connor on Vimeo.

learn more about gull and the street muse project here.

wild wants - we are committed to excellence

this is a great album by a guy that really seems to be a fellow traveller down the road of bedroom phil spector dreamin'. i'll let his own description speak for itself:

"wild wants is the musical moniker of d.a. wright. his debut album 'we are committed to excellence!'
was self-recorded and mixed between day-naps and nights out from july '11 to dec. '12. an estate sale photo provided the inspiration for the album's title, which is meant as tongue-in-cheek commentary on the album's homemade production as well as the inherent limitations of trying one's best."

i like this effort a lot, it is a warm, spacey, clever and engaging slice of homemade pop music. buy it on bandcamp for 3 bones or stream it for free.

practice records - spirit balls and surround me

practice records is an improvised band playing immediate songs.

the images represent the rooms in which the events, reproduced here, took place.

candy cigarettes - take 4 granted

some cleanly produced bedroom pop from portland, oregon resident candy cigarettes, who calls himself "portland's newest boy genius in a long line of wunderkinds". now MFOA readers can be the judge.

for more info, check out his web presence.

valkyrie - mountain stomp

finally, a new jam from veteran virginia doom metallers valkyrie, featuring the ripping guitar work and danzig-mixed-with-ozzy vocal stylings of brothers jake and pete adams. it has truly been too long.

this is one half of a split 7" with fellow virginia shredders earthling out now on tension head records.


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