jeffrey phillip nelson - a few tunes

southern california songwriter folk from jeffrey phillip nelson. whistful americana from a man who seems unable to staunch the flow of songs from out of his heart. the about section on his facebook just says 'i love writing and recording music'. on top of his original tunes he has traditional folk songs and gospel numbers. my favorite tune, 'this rider's song', was not posted on his soundcloud (click here to download that album for free), so i've featured another couple stand-out tunes, representing the range of styles present.

contact j.p. nelson, keep up with all his news, and download all his albums for free here.

poets and peasants - winter

choral folk-pop from the frosty midwest. i have an urge to use the chamber folk description, but it is a large sound that might not fit in a chamber. this song evokes the bitter cold, bright sun and wide open spaces of a prairie winter. from the band's bio:

'like an abandoned child raised by hippies, poets and peasants is the product of the tender love of a bunch of poor people with instruments. comprised of nine multi-instrumentalists and singers sown in the midwestern soil, the group's singable, anthem-like choruses combine with sophisticated arrangements to create a sound that both challenges and inspires'

you can buy this song for a buck or go here for the whole record. below is a video of p&p performing the slightly more uptempo 'we rise' at the redstone room in davenport, indiana.

learn more about poets and peasants at their website.

ed herda - the wondrous folly of vaughn frogg

here is a slab of name-your-own-price desert americana from self described refugee from the rat race edward herda. understated folksy production, nice harmonies, and story-song type lyrics that intertwine their narratives over the course of this pleasant pastoral album.

here is a video of ed playing his tune 'dear brooklyn' at skinny's lounge

download the wondrous folly at the bandcamp and learn more about ed here at his website.


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