poets and peasants - winter

choral folk-pop from the frosty midwest. i have an urge to use the chamber folk description, but it is a large sound that might not fit in a chamber. this song evokes the bitter cold, bright sun and wide open spaces of a prairie winter. from the band's bio:

'like an abandoned child raised by hippies, poets and peasants is the product of the tender love of a bunch of poor people with instruments. comprised of nine multi-instrumentalists and singers sown in the midwestern soil, the group's singable, anthem-like choruses combine with sophisticated arrangements to create a sound that both challenges and inspires'

you can buy this song for a buck or go here for the whole record. below is a video of p&p performing the slightly more uptempo 'we rise' at the redstone room in davenport, indiana.

learn more about poets and peasants at their website.


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