crispy watkins and the baby heart string band - s/t

dark and lonesome, moaning and haunting, old time appalachian style string band tunes from knoxville, tennessee native crispy watkins and his capable band. like most good old time music, this was recorded live in one shot, however in a move somewhat atypical for old time music, this set is free of traditional tunes. it doesn't suffer from the lack though, crispy seems to have studied these well worn texts before writing his own.

"one night in a bathroom, nearly no re-takes, one simple mic into a laptop, minimal practice. this is our sound. in a world of impeccably produced music, auto-tuned and filtered, it can take some adjustment to listen to something different. i encourage you to keep an open mind as you peruse these tracks. you are certain to hear a few wrong notes and oddities, but i embrace these sounds as part of the experience. life's beauty lies not in its cleanliness but in the raw moments, unrehearsed, when we discover the kind of wonderful perfection that exists amidst the grubby chaos of existence.
these songs were written in mountain cabins, on front porches, while weeding gardens, riding in cars, and in that mysterious land where dreams are made. they reflect my struggles in love and life, the deep questions i find myself with in the middle of the night, they reflect my love of appalachian music and this beautiful region, but most of all I think they reflect my love of life itself. i am very grateful to the fine musicians that accompanied me on this album! thank you for making my music beautiful."

listen to some of crispy's earlier recordings here, find out more about him here.


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