mt elephant - III

this ambient psych folk recording came out from under the earth through a process of losing and finding that is an interesting compliment to the recording itself. marcus of dying for bad music explains:

"a friend once made a mixtape for me with tracks from tapes he had in his distribution list. this was in the mid-nineties.
more than 10 years later i rediscovered the mixtape and started searching for the two mount elephant tracks he included, because they always stuck in my mind over the years. but i ended up with nothing. even asking tape activists from back then, didn’t yield a result.
finally, lutz pruditsch of trümmer tapes (who recorded the mixtape once) came up with a name and after he dug through some boxes, he finally sent me a recording of the tapes.
i was also able to contact diet schütte the artist, who’s still recording music for movies, for kids and for his own enjoyment."

this music sounds like a daydream on a summer day, but with the possibility of it going bad-acid-trip at any given moment. an underlying possibility of breakdown. pastoral, rambling guitar picking, distant percussion on what sounds like pots and pans, found sounds, bird and animal noises. reminds of an unhurried sun city girls without that big chip on the shoulder.

check out a teaser of some of diet schütte's video work here with more of his mt elephant tunes:

get your limited edition (50) physical copy with poster and packaging by marcus from DFBM here. don't miss out on the unearthed relic of early 90's european tape culture psychedelia...though if you happen to miss the physical release i believe it will remain available for download.


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