on the water - false starts

wailing and bellowing, rattling and clamoring folk punk from west philadelphia's on the water. a nine member band with wide ranging full sounding folk instrumentation, harps, glockenspiels, musical saws and all, on the water produces ragers and ballads, weaving back and forth between moods like a late night drunk, alternately loud and raucous, quiet and maudlin. the vocals take the same approach, tom waits-esque shouting and moaning gives way to whispers.

between songs you can hear the band discussing the merits of the take just committed to tape, underlining the lofi, live folk approach, or at least that aspect of the process (it was recorded in a an actual studio, philadelphia's sex dungeon studios). false starts is the band's second full length effort, find their previous album here. find out more about on the water and upcoming releases/shows here.


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