russell suereth - small steps

i'm loving this album, it is a truly strange find, a homemade gem. echoes of r. stevie moore, david byrne minus the hipness, or even a kind of homespun non-punk jonathan richman. very honest music. russell didn't have a lot to say when he got in touch with me, but he has the following explanation of his 'small steps' EP on his bandcamp site.

This EP, the first released by Russell, has six new songs in three categories.
The first category is about changing. It’s about changing the world around us, and about changing ourselves.
The second category is about exploring. It’s about the exploration outside our planet, the exploration of where we live, and the exploration of our minds.
The third is loving. These songs are about the people in our lives, and about those we are so very close to. Music and loving; together for the eternal duet.'

trust me MFOA readers, this is a good one. i'm really happy this came across my path, this is what MFOA is all about. find out as much as there is to find out about mr. suereth here.

check out this great video for the lead track.

this is truly the modern folk music of america. keep it up mr. suereth.


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