satellite high - the art of living obnoxiously

san fransisco rapper satellite high aims to live up to the tweet "rap game bob pollard" with this twenty track album. a lot of ground is covered in these twenty tracks, from those hand gestures stupid people do when rap songs come on to anime-wallscroll-reddit-fedora guys, as well as personal failure, with a sense of humor and a tight tuned, mordant flow. the record is largely self produced, (with a track here and there from some other producers) and contains a lot of live instrumentation:
  "lots of songs contain a bunch of instruments that i played myself and felt the need to mention because apparently my goal is to be as obnoxious as the liners of that first rage against the machine record that was all like 'hey no synthesizers'".

my favorite line from this album at this point: "like blondie on that one track, i'm makin rap".


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