au dunes - king tears

new psychedelic summer dog day jams of the first order from portland's au dunes. a band that truly celebrates the whole catalogs of nuggets-era morning glory seed luminaries like the troggs and the seeds and the electric prunes, the chocolate watch band, all of the deep tracks, any DJ. this is a tape release on curly cassettes, also available as a $5 download. probably if you find these guys (and girl) at one of their shows you could talk them out of a free tape. sort of sounds like if you could get quaaludes  over the counter and a warped everly brothers 45 with your PBR and tecate and cigarettes at the 7-11 on hawthorne.

look for these guys playing and touring up around the weediest parts of the west coast and rocking the henry miller library in the near future. get your morning glory seeds ready.


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