MFOA dog da(ze)ys mixtape

MFOA has been hopping lately, i have been happy to feature all sorts of great musicians and songwriters from many different genres of music and various levels of fidelity. i'm so pumped about the stuff folks are sending me, or that i'm finding, and the folks stopping by here to listen and discover these artists, i decided to break off a slice for you all in the form of the MFOA summer 'dog da(ze)ys' mixtape.

this mix is a hot weather cool down of home made tunes, rock, psych, folk, roots, old time, rap and more. i am especially excited about the closing song on the mix, 'this is my folk' by san fransisco's satellite high...he recorded it just for MFOA and the dog da(ze)ys (thanks buddy!).

1- zach barbery - shake run
2- the james badfellows - pretty good time (demo version)
3- jeffery phillip nelson - steady joe
4- j moss - albina children
5- mount elephant - I-IV
6- order- cobra pt. II
7- shenandoah alley - hotel appalachia
8- yesper - cannibal king
9- practice records - spirit balls
11- names - coastlines
13- laurence made me cry - between destinations
14- paul bergmann - the lake
15- dead professional - downtown at sundown
16- satellite high - this is my folk 

thanks to all the musicians who have been contributing and to everyone who has been coming through to bear witness to all these tunes!

enjoy these summer sounds in the dog days.


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