nathan edwards - the music of stephen foster

this is an album makes a great post for MFOA, an album of songs written by the man known as "the father of american music", stephen foster, composer of such indellible american tunes as camptown races and oh susanna, and a main purveyor and songwriter of the minstrel craze, appropriating black music for white audiences, creating american pop music. college professor and musician nathan edwards of madison, south dakota shines a light on this historical figure with crisp, contemporary folk arrangements of several of his more popular and lesser known compositions.

grab it for $10 on it's release date, july 16th, at nathan's bandcamp site. while you are there you can also check out his many previous releases form the past few years. before you go, here is nathan's cover of one of the most memorable and sweetest foster compositions, 'beautiful dreamer'.


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