DVS - dangerous

DVS is a NYC based MC (and former hardcore singer) who has gained some notoriety from a vice write up and his twitter account which is one of the funniest i've seen. whatever fame DVS has, he deserves more. his music/sense of humor remind you that new york is where hip hop was born, and make anything by jay-z sound like watered down arena rock made by someone who doesn't give a shit. DVS rhymes with lightning speed and brutal cleverness, earned from living a real, interesting life and telling us about it in air tight technical rhymes that are unmatched. to top off how much i'm loving this guy right now, everything on his bandcamp is free, which is very much in the spirit of the modern folk music of america. take advantage of it now. here is his latest track.

follow his twitter @DVSblast (it's worth it).


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