ozarks - pyramids of love (video)

my roommate is in the live version of this band, the brainchild of portland, oregon based bedroom recording powerhouse robbie augspurger. i saw them for the first time the other night and they were excellent, nailing down the smooth 70's AM sound with a sprinkle of weirdness and impeccable arrangements that included some nice harmonized lead guitars. in the studio ozarks is an auteur affair, with arranging duties handled by augsperger and instruments by augsperger and his bandmate eric lee. 'pyramids of love', from ozarks' latest effort, has a great brian wilson joins granddaddy baroque pop sound and a video that looks like something tim heidecker would do but it's not funny, it just works. observe for yourself:

Ozarks - Pyramids of Love from Robbie Augspurger on Vimeo.

download ozarks s/t for 6 bones (or buy a vinyl LP for 15) and check out previous releases here.


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