the 1957 tail-fin fiasco - private jet flashback

i sometimes say the thing about steely dan is that you never hear somebody saying 'hey this band sounds like steely dan' because it never happens to be true. well now my convoluted explanation of steely dan's unique charms no longer applies. the 1957 tail-fin fiasco throws out complex, sophisticated story-song style rock with a funky nu-jazz edge, sounding like 'pretzel logic' era 'dan. the lyrics bear the mordant wit that was the hallmark of a certain kind of songwriting in the mid to late 70's. this explanation of the band's influences from their website kind of says it all: 'if you like early steely dan, squeeze, randy newman, 10cc, andrew gold or todd rundgren you might be in with a shout.' bands do not usually describe themselves this aptly.

name your own price to download this quality album here. check out a video for their previous single below.


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