the gloria darlings - come home to me

a pleasantly melancholy, blue-with-a-smile record of old time folk tunes from the gloria darlings of seattle, washington. this duo of ladies reminds me of a female version of the early duo incarnation of the holy modal rounders, minus the acid and wackiness and a little bit easier on the eyes...this might be because the second tune on the darling's album, "you done me wrong", seems to be a reworking of the rounder's "if you want to be a bird" of easy rider fame. at any rate, the darlings feature the same type of arrangement: fiddle, guitar and tight harmonies bring us a series of upbeat but broken-hearted old time folk music. good stuff.

the CD is a 16 dollar purchase but it comes with homespun artwork and extra goodies as well as download copy. get it here.


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