the solvents - ghetto moon

port townsend, washington local legends the solvents have been making quality singer/songwriter style folk rock music for years. the core of the band is the husband and wife duo of jarrod bramson and emily madden, featuring his fragile-strong somewhat alex chilton-esque voice and introspective, confessional lyricism and her vibrant, tasteful fiddle playing and harmonies. their most recent recording, 'ghetto moon', is a beautiful and brief album of personal folk gems with well placed touches of sparse percussion floating around the edges of the solvent's duo arrangement. this is a back to basics approach, compared to the full-band sound of their previous release, 'forgive yr. blood'.

find out more about the solvents here, and download 'ghetto moon' for $5, or grab a physical copy for $12, and check out many of their older (and some louder) recordings here.

observe a video of the solvents covering madonna:


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