lukas read - ramble man, ramble

lukas read's 'ramble man, ramble' is an amazing album of 'cosmic' country/americana...self produced and released, the album starts with two excellent, reverb and steel drenched lee hazlewood meets the byrds eccentric country ballads, then abruptly switches gears and delivers two cleanly plucked american primitive guitar meditations in the tradition of john fahey. the album veers back and forth between these two pleasant territories for the rest of it's 9 track length. despite the 60's icons i have compared it to, read's album has a contemporary edge as well that you will have to appreciate for yourself. highly recommended.

lukas read is based in austin, tx (that's really been a trend for MFOA lately) by way of pittsburgh, pa, so if you are in the lonestar state, look for him performing live. buy that thing for $5 on his bandcamp site and check out his tumblr for more info.


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