m mucci - dangerous summer

on 'dangerous summer', m. mucci of ontario, canada, creates extended explorations on 12 string acoustic guitar that explore the territory between american primitive, classical composition, and drone styles. with long songs or song suites and repeated themes, there is an eastern feel and ambiance that lends itself to meditation and reflection. the recording stands out due to the accompaniment of the archaic hurdy gurdy, a medieval stringed instrument that lends to the drone. it isn't surprising to find out that mucci has a day job tending to exotic plants in a university greenhouse. reminiscent of little known american primitive 12 string player suni mcgrath.

pick up this pretty album, as well as many older recordings, for $20 for the vinyl or $6 for the digital download (prices canadian) here. check out other m mucci projects and his radio show here at tall house recordings.


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